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Family Business Vs Job Vs Start Up

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Thinking of joining your family business or working in a corporate vs starting a new company? Awesome!

Taking it as the first step of your professional journey? Not a wise move!

Let me answer your “why” with few simple explanations. I am Angad, Entrepreneur and I mentor millennials in the Family Business. Today, millennials have access to an abundance of opportunity and resources available. My mission is to empower Millennials and Generation Z with fundamental skills to join the Family Business. Having prior work experience in your relevant profession, is essential to successfully land on your business. In this era of increasingly challenging growth dynamics, it is extremely important to practice entrepreneurial and consumerist mindset. In this pursuit, having a solid mentorship is as equally important as the background knowledge of your profession.

I have been mentoring millennials in the family business for the past couple of years. If you are planning to be a part of family business in any position, it’s my highest recommendation to first gain experience by working in an organization as an employee. You learn to work in a restricted environment there and it makes you slightly uncomfortable. In this way, you face challenges and start to overcome them. You enter the growth zone when you step out of your comfort zone. It might happen that your mistakes are taken in strict consideration by your supervisor or up line manager. The lessons you will learn in that scenario, are going to better serve you in the long run. This experience will help you in managing your own business, which you were not going to learn otherwise.

Moreover, working with an institute demands punctuality, hard work, accountability and above all teamwork and coordination. It makes you disciplined and broadens your field of view.

As a universal rule, disciplined individuals are more likely to succeed in professional and personal lives. And if you want to lead your organization towards success, cultivation of discipline and strong worth ethics are inevitable.

Experience & Results

I have been mentoring millennials businesses for more than a decade and in this regard, I have conducted more than 125 workshops globally for inspiring millennials and startups. “A Mentor for Millennials in the Family Business Angad B Singh, mentored me throughout the way when I was indecisive whether to join my father’s business straight away or join an outside company”, said by Karanvir, one of my mentee and an aspiring business candidate. “Angad B Singh helped me in making the right decision at the perfect time of my career and made me learn how to map the future plan in simple actionable steps”, Karanvir further mentions.

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

I would also like to talk about the downside of joining family owned business as the starting point of the career. You will always be treated leniently in your business firm, no matter how much you lack the foundational skills. There will be comparatively less room for fast-paced growth as compared to when you work with some other organization. In many regions of the world, working as an employee is considered mandatory after graduation, to join higher study courses or for advancing career. This is to equip fresh graduates with the basic skillset for their professional growth.

Get Inspired

To conclude, I would suggest you to welcome any work opportunity you may find on your way, whether as an intern, part-time or 9-5 full-time job, before stepping in your family business. This will make you a valuable, eminent business professional and pave your leadership way in much less time, in your own business corporation.

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