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Persistence: The Character Trait that is a pre-requisite to thrive in the Family Business

Persistence holds the place of an essential colour in the canvas of success. It is the core component of our substantial accomplishments in life. It’s of no doubt that one’s struggles are directly proportional to one’s success outcome.

However, it is equally important that we stay aware of ‘why it is done’ in addition to being familiar with ‘how it is done’.

Therefore, it is very important to cultivate the ‘do it because I want to and not because I have to’ mindset.

Mentoring millennials in The Family Business, I have been exhorting entrepreneurs and Gen Z to cultivate power habits that lead their way to accomplishments. While mentoring millennials in the family business, I have observed this unhealthy pattern in youth that they are more likely to quit or get fatigued by the undesired outcome of their struggles relatively quick. I feel that there is this dire need of escalating the resilience level, so we can overcome growth challenges and show persistence in our efforts. Resilience, however, depends on training one’s headspace and exhibiting it in routine work.

To get an in-depth insight, I discussed the idea of motivation and mindset training with Aden Eyob, a clinical neuroscientist, and founder of Mind Medication, a fusion of neuroscience-psychology and spirituality based mindset coaching.

The CALM mindset and how it can be developed?

To uncover one’s innate potential and break the cloud of limiting beliefs, Aden shared a model called CALM (clarity, accountability, love and motivation) mindset system. This system is about learning to train our mind so it is clear about the desired goal and pursue the achievement process with love and motivation. It is also about holding ourselves accountable for the actions we take towards our desired goals.

Practicing it can help us divert the basic protective instincts our amygdala presents while we do something out of our comfort zone. It will help us make better and wiser decisions by accessing the situation at hand from 360 degree angle. With time, this CALM mindset will help us being more productive, creative and results-oriented.

Another significant result of implementing the CALM model is the shift in perspective from being victim to victor mindset. It is about learning to believe that it’s me, and not others, who is the in charge of my destiny. It bolsters confidence and productivity when we learn to overcome our limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs.

The connection of success with the integrity of mind, body and spirit...

Taming our wild and unorganised thoughts is vital to deliver peak performance. It is because our thoughts and emotions are directly connected to our performance & behaviour. Another essential component of mindset training is about learning and aligning our spiritual being with our desired outcome. It can largely help us in making progress and availing opportunities. We can enjoy better results when we learn to focus on the missed out, spirituality component of mind-body-spirit spectrum.

As a Mentor, I am on the mission to empower millennials in The Family Business with my proven tools for success – in all aspects of life and live a life they truly love. In conclusion, I would say that an effective mindset training can play an increasingly advantageous role in our business success, especially in this era of unseen challenges. Being prepared and keeping one’s motivational inlet open regardless of the results of one’s efforts, holds prime importance in one’s success.

Creating a headspace of persistence, resilience and strong self-belief can work wonders no matter where one is in one’s entrepreneurial journey.

Most millennials working in their Family Business experience overwhelm and lack of clarity so we designed a framework called "The Family Business Maestro" model that leads to a greater sense of control and focus, clarity and ease, reduced stress & anxiety and elevated performance at work and other aspects of life.

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