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Millennial Mentor Client Testimonials


Angad is one of his kind Millennial Mentor!

His insights on my business have always shown me newer possibilities. His methodical approach to breaking challenges and to come up with a long term system-centric solution for them is the best!

I have always found his feedback extremely valuable, practical and his tips have gone a long way in helping me grow my business.

He comes with clarity, coherence and doesn’t give two bones in telling you what’s right. His expertise comes from years of running, transforming and creating a success story of his own family business. What I respect the most, beyond his Ivy League academic background, is his on-ground knowledge and pragmatic solution-centric approach. 

I am grateful for the sea of expertise he comes with and his willingness to share with others and empower them to be the best they can.

—  Radhika Dang, Founder - The Good Karma Co, Wildflwr, Ntrls

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